eco offers the most basic to the most personalized cremation arrangements. We are Ontario’s only funeral home specializing in environmentally friendly cremation options. We provide alternative choices on low emissions containers and caskets, as well as biodegradable urns. We also use environmentally regulated crematories to help you make choices that are friendlier to you and the environment.

Spring Maple Essential Cremation
Cremation without Formal Services. Just the Essentials.

Offering only the essentials, we provide cremation with no formal memorial service, for the absolute lowest cost. Once the necessary information has been gathered during the arrangement process  online & or telephone. eco will handle the behind the scenes elements. eco’s Price Guarantee has you protected, ensuring you haven’t overpaid while helping you understand the necessary costs associated with cremation. eco has carefully selected its crematorium, which offers the process of cremation without charging HST. 


*Featured Cost available when arranged Online, At-Need Only. Includes transfer from place of death with 1 staff within 30 KM radius of nearest eco Care Centre, Cardboard Body Container, eco Care & Estate Settlement Kit with 12 Proof of Death Certificates & Completed CPP Benefit forms & Cremation Fee at St. John's Norway or St. James' Crematorium. Cremations at St. John's Dixie wil add $37.  Cardbaord Body Containers are subject to weight capacity of 170 lbs & less. No credit is provided with upgraded container. Protective Shroud may be requried at cost of $55 when choosing Cardboard Body Container.  Digital verification of deceased in our care must occur. If you do not have access or proficiency on email. this platform is not suitable for your needs.

Autumn Maple Cremation Scattering

Cremation with Scattering (land or water). True to their Nature.

​eco will coordinate all practical elements of cremation, as well as the final scattering of their cremated body (more commonly referred to ‘ashes)’. It is important to understand where scattering can take place legally and without troubles in one of our featured scattering gardens or with permission elsewhere. eco specializes in allowing this process to take place either with or without family present. By exploring the wishes of the deceased, we can facilitate scattering virtually anywhere in the world. Specially made scattering urns  make this process seamless  & practical. Our array of keepsake urns & jewellery allow for personal tokens to remain close to you. Remember we help you save the HST on the cremation fees itself.  

*Featured Cost available when arranged Online, At-Need Only

Please contact us to learn about available Places of Rest in your area. 

Silver Maple Cremation

Cremation with Celebration Reception. A Modern Approach.

Some eco clients prefer a lighter approach to Memorial Services with a more celebratory experience. eco can coordinate a beautiful Celebratory Reception in one of eco’s Celebration Centres or in another venue fitting your personal needs. Receptions can include food, beverages from eco’s extensive catering services and even a champagne toast to a life well-lived. With no formal service element, you’ll focus on story telling & laughter, surrounded by personal mementoes and one of eco’s professionally crafted Memorial Movies of their life playing in the background. Guests will leave feeling that they’ve honoured their friend and you will feel satisfied with a unique Celebration of Life.


*Featured Cost available when arranged Online, At-Need Only

Please contact us to explore our venue options & further realistic costs associated.

Autumn Maple Cremation with Interment

Cremation with Interment (burial or permanent placement)

A comfortable choice allowing for a final resting place in a cemetery or mausoleum after cremation. We can help you find a permanent place for visits and offer a marker or monument of the life lived. eco will assist with interment arrangements in a burial plot, columbarium (above ground structure) or mausoleum niche. Interment can take place immediately after cremation or after services have taken place, with or without services or family present.

Already own an interment space out of town? Not to worry, eco specializes in the safe shipment of a loved one’s urn to their final resting place, anywhere in the world. LEARN MORE >


*Featured Cost available when arranged Online, At-Need Only

Celebration of Life

Cremation with Celebration of Life Memorial Service. The New Way to Honour.

eco will coordinate all practical elements of cremation, as well as your Memorial Service in celebration of their life. Services can take place at a selected place of worship or one of eco’s local Celebration Centres, personalized to your wishes and needs. This option can provide traditional families the ability to celebrate a life and express any spiritual observance, with the body present, followed by cremation. Alternatively, some families wish to handle the practical elements of cremation before holding a memorial service Celebration of Life. Perhaps you prefer to have the service without a casket, and your focus is placed on a beautiful video tribute, urn and mementoes. eco will coordinate all elements such as celebrants or clergy, musicians & flowers, allowing you to honour a life in the ways that matter to you. Don’t forget that this focused Celebration of Life can be followed with the Celebratory Reception where guests can relax, laugh and tell stories over food and beverage.


*Featured Cost available when arranged Online, At-Need Only

Please contact us to explore our venue options & further realistic costs associated with this option. Browse our Facility Options >


Cremation with Shipment to Another Location

Cremation allows for more flexibility and mobility. If wishes are such that interment is to take place out of town or even in another country, eco can easily coordinate this for you. Whether direct to a cemetery for interment or to a consignee overseas, we can help.  We recognize that as humans we are nomads. Retiring in a special place doesn’t mean that you’d want to be kept there forever. eco holds all regulations able to send an urn anywhere in the world safely and legitimately. We are often called upon to handle cremation arrangements when death occurs away from home. Our extensive network of trusted professionals can allow cremation to take place locally with shipment of one’s urn direct into our care for hometown services to take place.


from $1999*

*Featured Cost available when arranged Online, At-Need Only

Please consult eco before contacting a local funeral home where the death has occurred and allow us to advise you on your best course of action. 

*Price includes all minimum services, cardboard cremation container where applicable,  taxes & disbursements  (when arranged via our Online Arrangement Platform, At-Need only).

¹This price does not include variable cemetery fees. Don’t worry though, we’ll get all of the information required to help you make an informed & responsible decision


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