Mikael Ricketts

Obituary of Mikael Ricketts

RICKETTS, Mikael Milik, 

It is with great sadness that the family of twin baby boy, Mikael Milik Ricketts announces his passing on February 17, 2018. He lived with strength and hope for too short a time on this earth. He is deeply mourned by his mother, Kerryann Ricketts, sisters Niyah and Sasha, and twin brother, Kyrie (deceased).

Please use this Memorial Webpage to share kind sentiments with the family and as a permanent reminder of Mikael's gentle spirit.

Uniquely entrusted to eco Cremation & Burial Services Inc. 

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A letter to my babies Kyrie King & Mikael Malik:

I love you so very much... you brought me so much joy and made my days that much brighter. I would stare at you both for hours easily and wish to see you some when it was time for me to leave. My boys you were worth everything I had to go through to have you and even more than that, I would do it all over again if it meant I could keep you both with me.

My sugarplum Kyrie, my first son, everything you have done in your short time here have been statements no one whose met you will forget! I laugh when I say this because anyone whose met you would easily agree. You kept us on our toes in a good way. I said something to you when I first met you I hope you remember my words because I meant them and I believe them to be so true. I said Kyrie you were meant for greatness. I didn't know you would leave me Ky but I will say this is why God has taken you back. We weren't ready for you to bless us any further but one day we will be and I hope you choose me again. My sweet little fighter you fought so well im so proud of you. Everyday I whispered " Kyrie mommy's here mommy loves you!" I hope you heard me because I mean it, I will meet you again my love.

My charming boy Mikael Malik, my gift from God, my handsome boy, my rudeness, (I laughed at this also). Anyone that's met you instantly loved you. I knew you would be a force to be reckoned with. I would come over to you and ask you Mikael can you hear mommy? And your response was to always cover your face!!! Honestly I had so much fun talking to you. I would touch you or say something just for your reaction. You made me so happy and you made me being your mom so worth it Mika I would choose you again without thought I hope you would too. You showed us all no matter your size as long as you're determined in life you can make anything into something. I'm more than grateful you blessed me with your cries and your presence. My son you were meant for something much greater. Although my heart aches and isn't whole any longer, I try to be happy because I only want  nothing but the best for you and your brother. Ky & Mika mommy will always love you! I'll never forget your faces and how much joy you've brought to me.